Searching Apocalypse

Ever  since I was a kid ,I have been hearing stories about various ways the humanity is going to end.There are so many stories out there, while some are very practical and vivid in detail, some are just bat shit crazy. We are a generation that is crazy about our own extinction.We make movies that are so detailed, youtube videos on different ways the world’s going to end,games ,TV series and so on…


My first real encounter was the movie The Day After Tomorrow .The earth’s glaciers melting,the instant ice age and ships in the middle of the street , I was so excited after seeing the movie and not a bit sad. In-fact I was eagerly waiting for it to happen and wished it would happen.  I never really understood why?


It has always eluded me as to why we are such an apocalyptic frenzy species.The more I think of it , It started to make little sense.

I think that we hate the world we live in now and want to change it but don’t know how.So being disgusted by of our state of life and our helplessness to change it .We want this life to end  but surviving no matter what being our most predominant animal instinct , we don’t want to end life. But unconsciously we play out different scenarios where the humanity gets wiped out . We don’t want our species to perish we just want a fresh start on a clean slate after all we are survivors . So we wonder what would happen in a post apocalyptic world . I think that the same old shit repeats where we are not satisfied with what we need.And this cycle goes on.

If you want to be happy, be.
–Leo Tolstoy.



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